You handle the creative.
we handle the business.

Our story.

Our team has worked on both sides of the creative and fashion industries for the last 10 years, from launching several brands to running industry incubators and a sales and PR agency. They gathered a holistic understanding of what it takes to start a fashion business and the challenges designers face, from complex supply chains and high overheads to consumer shifts and industry changes.

Frustrated with an archaic industry support system and high failure rates of fashion startups they decided to develop a solution. Allseason was created to help young designers feel supported, valued and in control.

Creativity without compromise.

Our mission is to provide a platform that helps fashion brands to digitise their value chain and cultivate a data-driven culture at the core of their business strategy. Our goal is to help designers gain; control over day-to-day business operations, confidence to meet daily challenges along the critical path and command over their companies trajectory.

The fashion system is broken.

Early and growth-stage fashion businesses are under-supported and undervalued in a global industry worth $2.4 trillion. As a result, 90 percent of fashion businesses fail in the first 3-5 years. Although it relies heavily on the creativity and innovation that young brands provide, the current fashion system is setting them up for failure. The market is changing, but the fashion system isn’t changing with it and remains archaic, offline and fragmented. As a result, only a handful of brands and designers are succeeding each year.

Outside of the industry, designers are viewed as whimsical, not business-minded and high-risk, making access to finance and business tools difficult. Fashion is a uniquely challenging vertical and without the right resources, most businesses do not reach their potential.

We are joining the movement to change the current the fashion system, and help young businesses to thrive within it.

Our team.

Allseason has been developed by a team of individuals in fashion, finance, business, and technology, dedicated to solving the problems creative businesses face.


Hazel Watson


Jo Asare



Lindsay Grossman

Fintech Advisor

Partner Manager for US, Europe and Latin America at Netflix

Kwafo Ofari-Boateng

Fintech Advisor

Global Director, Front Office Transformation at IBM

Makera Kigaraba

Fintech Product Advisor

Cofounder at Solna, Product Owner at Stockhorn VC

Kofi Glover

Data Science Advisor

Senior Lecturer of Digital and Technology at QA Ltd